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Artificial Echoes: Reinterpreting Memories with AI

In this series of work, I delve into the intricacies of human memory and the speculative perception of these memories through the lens of an AI system. By curating a collection of vintage photographs purchased from various sources, I initiate conversations with ChatGPT to explore its interpretation and perception of selected images. These interactions blend the realms of fiction and reality, as ChatGPT provides unique narratives and insights into the moments captured by the camera.

Drawing inspiration from the AI's fictional interpretations and the genuine historical context of the photographs, I create paintings that weave together imagined and actual events. This fusion highlights the malleability of memory and questions how AI might perceive and reinterpret our past. Through this process, I aim to offer a fresh perspective on the relationship between human experiences and artificial intelligence, inviting viewers to ponder the nature of memory and the stories we tell ourselves.

AIs Childhood Memory 1.jpg
AI Childhood Memory 2.jpg
AI+portrait+oil painting
AI+portrait+oil painting
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